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Smashtastrophe Destroy Rooms is currently closed due to COVID, with no plans to reopen for the remainder of 2020. 

We appreciate your understanding during this troubling time and hope you all are able to stay safe and well.


Smashtastrophe is Maine's first Destroy Room, where you can choose from hundreds of different household objects to smash apart using baseball bats, sledgehammers, crowbars and more! Up to two people can smash together  for even more destructive fun!

Can’t I just smash stuff at home?

Of course you can smash stuff at home! But start breaking things at home and you’ll have to clean up the mess. Do it in a public park and you’ll at the least scare neighborhood children and at most will have an uncomfortable conversation with the authorities! At Smashtastrophe, you can leave your rage in the room and we’ll handle the aftermath.

Reasons why people want to visit Smash Rooms

Recent divorce? Come bring in your own box of treasured memories to shatter, just like your plans for the future! Errant dust will cathartically dry your tear-streaked face as you transition from hurt to healing by swinging a golf club at their favorite mug that you always hated! Or just come and smash for fun! There is a gigantic variety of things for you to destroy including:

  • Alarm Clocks
  • DVD Players
  • Bottles
  • Plates
  • Printers
  • GlasswareGlassware
  • Aquariums
  • Bowls
  • Picture Frames
  • Desk Fans
  • Lamps
  • And More!!!

Alright I want to make some junk taste my fiery destruction! How Does it work?!

Step 1

Book one of our Smash Sessions, each tailored to suit your smashing needs, including Bring Your Own Box and Build A Smash, where you create your own Smash Session! Up to two people can participate in a Smash Session together for even more destructive fun! Appointments only.

Step 2

Head out into our showroom and explore all the junk we’ve got to smash! See something you just need to crumble into a cloud of dust and glass? Feel free to grab it and we can add it on to your package and get extra Smashables for free with every package!

Step 3

While we set your Destroy Room with your Smashables, you’ll be outfitted with protective gear including face shield, jacket and gloves. Closed toe shoes and long pants are required for all participants.

Step 4

This is it, the moment you’ve been waiting for. You’ll be given a baseball bat and sledgehammer and sent into your private Destroy Room, equipped with a sound system that can hook up to your Bluetooth-enabled music device to truly make your Smash Session yours. Now unleash your fury in a righteous torrent of blows to create a calamitous cacophony of crushing carnage, leaving nothing in your wake but ash and metal!

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